Rainbowzuki[edit | edit source]

Rainbowzuki is a very special type of moonflower, called a rainbow moonflower. she has a pet rainbow pup named faith, that can glow moods and make treasure trees too! since rainbowzuki is a special type of moonflower, she can make treasure trees that look different from the moonflowers. she also has levetation and healing powers! the moonflower book (a book rainbowzuki has that tells information about moonflowers) also said she also has the power to protect planet earth, witch is very far from the moonflower's galaxy. (only rainbowzuki knows about earth) rainbowzuki loves rainbow, and her fav mood is orange (wacky).

appearance[edit | edit source]

Rainbowzuki has rainbow hair with a flower on top. she has 2 mood bracelets and shoes. she also has rainbow knees, and hot pink freckles and a hot pink upside-down triangle nose.

friends[edit | edit source]

  • hanazuki
  • allyzuki
  • memeoshi
  • sarahzuki
  • fredoshi
  • kiazuki
  • hemkas
  • kiyoshi
  • jenniezuki
  • flowerzuki


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