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Deep in, the Internet, pops a new Wi-ki-a

That spreads from peer-to-peer

When the users combine

Their ima-gin-a-tions

Something great-er appears!

Fanon Wi-ki!

Welcome, ye of fruitful imagination, to the Hanazuki: Full of Treasures Fanon Wiki! Here, you can release your inner fangirl/boy, and create whatever you see fit in the show! Want a fanmade character? Go for it! A different version of the series? Tell us more! A new threat? Those are one of my favorites! Wanna make a Movie based on the series? Just do it! Who knows what the rest of the Hanazuki fandom will think of it? So what are you waiting for? There's a great big galaxy that needs your creativity! Get going!

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This is where the most popular, most viewed, and most commented pages get slapped onto. At the end of each month, featured articles on this wiki will be slapped here under categories, along with the user that created them. Want your page to appear here? Then stretch those fingers of yours and get typing! Your page could be under this title next!

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Those who stick to the rules, are the owners of the best pages, or have done the most editing on articles rest under this tag of fame. Whoever rests here gets their name viewed for the wiki to see, along with a short bio and their works. Will YOU be the next person under this tag? Then go and prove it! Make some pages, improve this wiki! And most importantly, BEHAVE! No troublemaker ever got an award for being bad.

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